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February 16, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Settle down.

Warnings: Erotic content.

Timing: sometime after Wraith premature awakening – season 2.

Rating: M.

Pairing: Billy the Wraith and Eliana (OC).

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis © Hasbro. Story’s plot and Eliana © me.

Wraith that would be later known as Billy lay silently in his bed staring at the webbed ceiling of his personal quarters. Next to him laid his freshly acquired worshiper – Eliana, she pressed herself against him so tightly that he could feel beating of her heart. He didn’t plan it, but he didn’t regret it either. It was just how things happened so he just accepted it.

Billy listened slow and steady breathing of his worshiper as she slept calmly at his side and recapitulated events of the past days.

The Queen sat in her throne, on her left stood her faithful First Commander and mate. They made odd couple, he was massive and bold, looking like he missed being a Drone by millimetres; she was tiny, fragile and full of grace. But they were well matched couple. So well matched that in fact she never took secondary mate, and she could have as many as she wished.

Billy didn’t dare to look at her. He was disobedient officer; he took two females instead of just one. Queen’s irritation was easy to detect, she radiated it.

“Just tell me why? We will spare ourselves angry yells and just move to the main part – your explanations.”

“My Queen. Please forgive me.” He bowed lower. “It was an impulse, you received my report, it was…”

“Yes. An abusive mate and sire. But after you finished with him the child was safe. So why?”

She rose and slowly walked to him. He prayed to any ancestor of his that would be listening so she wouldn’t finish him like he did with that human.

“They seemed so close. I didn’t know what impact the separation would have on my worshiper. I need a stable woman to take care of my son.”

The Queen stood there in silence for a moment. She was thinking.

“Midwife you say?” She changed the subject. “We lacked one before; a midwife is a good addition to our little herd of humans. She may train her offspring to serve us as midwife as well. The daughter is too young to be claimed as someone’s personal worshiper though… You may keep them both then. Take the mother as your personal worshiper, you do need a woman, let her teach her daughter how to take care of children, the daughter will be your son’s caretaker until he’ll reach an age when he will no longer require guardian. Then the daughter will be given to another Wraith as personal worshiper.”

Billy met two newest human additions to the Hive in the long corridor; they looked at him with hope in their eyes. It looked like they didn’t want to return to their home. A well groomed Wraith appeared behind Billy and measured both human females with critical eye. He was officer responsible for worshipers that had no masters and resourced required to keep a contingent of humans on board. He was arrogant, insufferable but he also was competent and knew his job well. Worshipers generally liked him because there was nothing impossible for him to accomplish and he had no problem with granting what they asked him for, within reason of course.

“They will need appropriate wardrobe. But first we need to convert them…”

“The conversion won’t be necessary.” Billy interrupted the Worshiper Caretaker. “They’re willing to stay; in fact they loathe going back to their planet. Take them to the worshiper’s part of the Hive and allow to older worshiper women take over.”

The Worshiper Caretaker gave Billy long look, but if worshipers were willing the conversion process was indeed needless. And the older worshipers would educate those two in their duties. All this only meant less work for him so he wasn’t the one to complain.

“You will follow me now.” The Caretaker addressed both humans. “Do not worry, you’re safe now. The Queen accepted you to worshiper caste; no Wraith is allowed to feed upon you or threaten to do so under pains of Queen’s wrath. You.” Caretaker addressed Eliana. “Are claimed worshiper so no Wraith is allowed to pester you without your master’s permission. And you. “He addressed Liliana. “Are too young to be claimed. You will be your master’s son caretaker and will only be claimed after the child matures enough. Now. Follow me.”

Billy left his new worshiper and her daughter with the Worshiper Caretaker knowing that they’re in good hands.

Eliana held her daughter hand the whole way down to the Worshiper Area. The Caretaker led them with dark corridors made of webbed walls, the air was chilly and moist, and it smelled weird. It was slightly sweet, something like cinnamon and nutmeg tint but mostly it smelled like autumn forest in northern parts of the land mass they lived on – moist earth and leaves that fell from the trees. Few corridors they passed smelled of old death, like they led to some old tombs that contained mummified bodies, but mostly it was moist earth, some decomposing leaves and spice.

When they reached their destination they found well lit room, quite large and warmer than the rest of the Hive. There were other women inside and few men as well. All of them were dressed similar – white clothes of various shapes. All men had short hair and all women had long hair, neatly combed, without any pins or even ribbons to hold them in place. None looked older than forty years old or younger than twenty.

“Prepare bath and clothes for those two. They are new worshipers that you were informed that will come.” The Caretaker informed gathered worshipers. “You may also introduce them to worshiper’s duties and customs. Be swift. I will return shortly.” With this he left and membrane doors slide back after him.

One of the women got up and gave the newcomers critical look. She looked close to forty, slightly pudgy and her hair was dark brown, they only reached her shoulder blades and were straight and smooth.

“You most definitely need bath and change of your wardrobe.” She spoke in low voice. “My name is Vera and I am Worshiper Matriarch, that means I am the leader or all worshipers and you are to do what I say unless your Wraith gave you other command. It is customary that leader of all worshipers is titled ‘Mother’ so you are to call me ‘Mother Vera’ or just ‘Mother’. Do you have any questions?”

Eliana looked around. “Why there are so many women but only few men?”

“Wraith prefer female personal worshipers, we are valued higher as their personal servants. Male worshipers are usually spies and so they don’t stay long on the Hive, they only stay longer when it is necessary. You will now follow me, you will bath and you will receive new clothes. In the meantime you will be told the rules that you are to follow and your duties.”

After that they were taken to the small room where they bath, after that they received new clothes – white and surprisingly comfortable. As new inhabitants of the Hive they were also given warm, woollen scarfs to cover themselves until they’ll get accustomed to Hive’s normal temperature. Vera didn’t spoke to them after taking them to the bath; they were introduced to their new life by other worshipers, much nicer and friendlier.

They learned that Vera is one of Queen’s worshipers and isn’t very nice but is bearable. There were plenty of rules, mostly how to not aggravate Wraith, behave around them and speak to them (when spoken for or when it was necessary). All duties of personal worshiper got down to mix of wife, maid, aid-de-camp and personal hair stylist. Worshipers lived in their master’s chambers but it was their and their Wraith business if they shared bed or if the worshiper had her own cot. Liliana’s situation was slightly different and she was a caretaker of a Wraith child, so her duties were those of a nanny but her mother’s Wraith had close to paternal rule over her. Even the Wraith that would want to claim her when the time will come; would have to gain his acceptance; she also had to gain his approval along with that of her own mother for any important matter.

They learned Billy’s story and were told that he was rather calm, decent for a Wraith but as worshipers noted also sad, he tend to drop his usual Wraith superiority attitude when other Wraith weren’t around and sag his shoulders. Women blamed the fact that he stayed alone only with a small child to take care of – something anyone would find overwhelming. Worshipers agreed that it was the reason why the Queen decided that he was to take a personal worshiper of his own. Eliana was told that he never looked for one before the Queen spoke to him about that matter but he agreed without any discussion, willingly even. There were rumours why he never got a worshiper before, but it all were speculations, most agreed that he simply never thought of having one.

Before they knew it the Worshiper Caretaker returned and took them to different part of the Hive, he informed them that in time they will learn their way through the ship and in the meantime they will be taken everywhere by an escort of a Drone or another worshiper.

They stopped before doors that looked just like hundreds of other doors that they passed on their way. The Caretaker did nothing, but after short moment the door opened revealing Billy. None of the Wraith said anything, but the Caretaker walked away and Billy gestured them to walk in.

The quarters were neat but not very spacious. Just a room where someone lived. Billy looked at them for a long time before he spoke in calm voice with just a hint of superiority.

“Child, it is custom among humans to use names. What is yours?”

Girl gave him a bold stare, but when she spoke her voice was calm. “Liliana.”

Billy crooked his head a bit and gave her a strange look. “You will take care of my son. You may call him child, baby or boy. You are under my rule here and you will call me ‘Master’ or ‘Sire’ as you prefer. You will follow my commands and you will behave to the best of your abilities. Do so and your life will be pleasant. Disobey me and you will be punished. Do you understand?”

The girl nodded slowly. She remembered her father, but she also remembered how this Wraith dealt with that man. She didn’t want to end on her new ‘master’s’ receiving end, besides she trusted him, he didn’t left her back on the planet and now that she didn’t have any other options she could just as well do her best. She would have to anyway, she reached age where she would be taught her trade – she would become midwife just like her mother.

“And you, what it your name?” Billy addressed his worshiper.

“I am Eliana.”

“You will serve me and teach your daughter what she needs to know to be useful addition to our Hive. Other than that all that I have said to her applies to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do, Master.”

“Good. Child, my son is now in the second chamber, you will share that chamber with my son. All utensils you may need to tend to him are already there, as well as your bed and everything you may need. It is almost rest time now, so you will go there and take your rest now.”

Liliana gave the Wraith surprised look; he was fast with organising everything. “Yes, Sire.” With that she disappeared behind well hidden doors that the Wraith pointed out for her as he spoke. Billy would smile if he was alone; the girl chose to call him ‘Sire’ a title used for children to call their fathers and for junior officers to call their superiors.

He looked at Eliana for a moment, not knowing how to start the subject of her accommodation. She was beautiful woman but he wasn’t some savage male humping all that was feminine.

“As for you, I trust other worshipers told you about customary place of a worshiper?” The woman just nodded. “Good. I have a cot brought for you; place it where you like, just not in the place where I or your daughter will stumble if we would get up during rest time.”

Eliana stood silently for a second before she spoke in silent voice. “Master, I want to thank you for ridding me of my husband and for taking me away from that village that was filled with bad memories.” Billy’s face didn’t change as he watched his worshiper. “But I must ask for you to allow me to sleep in your bed with you.” Before he had a chance to say anything she continued. “I have never slept alone before in my entire life. As a child I slept with my siblings, and then I got married and slept with my husband. As abusive as he was I never slept alone… My daughter is my only child and she always slept alone, but I have never.”

She stared at the floor as Billy considered her plea. “Let it be your way.” He finally spoke. “I see no problem with that, as long as you do not kick. Now, you will help me to prepare myself for rest and then you may prepare yourself.”

Eliana sighed with relief. As strange as it sounded she really feared of sleeping alone, without reassuring presence of another being next to her.

The other chamber was much smaller than the main area, but it was much cosier, if such a term could be used for a room on a Hiveship. The bed wasn’t big, but it was enough, there was a single pillow and woollen blanket with simple linen sheets below.

Preparing for sleep meant helping Billy to get rid of his heavy coat and hang it on a hanger in the corner of the room. Help him remove his boots – quite a task considering that he wore knee-boots. He managed with his own pants and shirt – all made of black leather; as well as thin, woollen and surprisingly white tunic that served as his undershirt.

To Eliana’s embarrassment Wraith slept naked, but she was deterred not to sleep alone on a cot in the main chamber. When Billy was digging himself under the blanket she took off her own dress but chose to remain in thin woollen tunic and climbed under the blanket making sure not to disturb her new master.

Next two days were pleasantly uneventful. Both Eliana and Liliana spent them tending to their duties. Eliana also gave few tips to her daughter so she could manage her own duties better. The little Wraith boy was very calm child, rarely cried and preferred to whine and squeal instead. He still needed milk, but he was given animal milk as no worshiper could perform that duty as none of them gave recently birth and simply couldn’t produce their own milk.

It was almost the rest time. Billy watched pleased as his son listened to some sort of good night story that Liliana was telling him. The child was too young to understand much of it (if anything) but it was the tone of a voice, not the story itself that was making him slowly fall asleep. He tried to stay awake but his eyes were closing, Liliana gently rose and almost sailed to the room she shared with baby Wraith.

“It is so sad that his mother is dead.” Eliana spoke silently. “She would be happy to have such a silent and calm infant.”

“No, she wouldn’t.” Billy got up from behind table that served as his desk. “In our society it is the male that raise children and take care of them. Children are completely submitted to their sire’s will. Mother do not interfere with their upbringing, she only visit them to make sure they know her as their mother. The most prominent females in their early lives are in most cases worshipers that tend to them.”

Eliana followed Billy with her eyes as he entered his chamber, he only went there to sleep so she quickly finished folding blankets that she brought from worshipers’ area and followed him.
Billy as always went to sleep nude and Eliana in her tunic. Lights went out automatically when the rest time came – merely minutes after they went to bed. Billy was asleep almost instantly but Eliana lay with opened eyes and thought about her life. About her parents, their father that was taken during minor culling and her mother that died bitten by venomous snake. Her husband who knew only language of violence. Her daughter who always fought back. Her profession – as she always supported young mothers even if there was no one to support her. And how finally someone freed her of a monster she called her husband only to take her and her daughter away. And she made a decision. She didn’t want to be weak anymore. She wanted to be strong again, just as strong as she was when she was but a young girl. It was strange feeling, she knew that she was in a sense free, but only now she started to realise that. She wanted to do something that she would never dare before. She looked at Billy, she couldn’t see his inhuman eyes but his face was so different from what she was used to. He was a Wraith, he wasn’t human, he belonged to race that fed on human life force. She was taught that they were monsters, demons, evil incarnated, that she should fear them and avoid them because they would kill her. And yet here she was, alive and in bed with one of them.

Eliana smiled imagining what her late husband would do if he saw her now and knew her intentions, her grin widened as she got rid of her tunic.

Billy woke knowing that it was middle of rest time. It took him a while to realise what exactly woke him. He slowly registered that whatever it was it was soft, warm, smooth and it was more than willing to wake him fully.

He opened his eyes as saw Eliana hovering above him, her long hair falling around her head as she sat on top of him. For a moment he was disoriented. It was not something he anticipated. She must’ve seen his astonishment because she lowered herself and kissed him gently before she spoke. “I don’t belong to my late husband anymore. I can give myself to anyone I wish. You freed me from my husband and took me here with you; I choose to give myself to you.”

He must have made some sort of a noise, because she rose again. “I know you were alone for some time now. Don’t tell me you don’t miss woman’s warmth.”

He was alone ever since his mate allowed herself to be killed. He never allowed himself even a moment of pleasure with a woman since that. And he did miss feminine attention very much. Sleeping with his worshiper in one bed was a challenge, one that he managed with titanic effort. The only way was to quickly fall asleep, and he did just that. But now she was willing and his will fell into shreds the moment she kissed him.

He growled low and then flipped them so he was on top. He grinned, she felt wonderful, her small form was perfect for him and her heavy smell of arousal and the way she reached with her hands to trail his spinal ridges drove him crazy.

Billy looked at the sleeping woman and sighed, he felt happy. Life seemed much sweeter than in a long time. He allowed himself to lie like that for a long moment. When he looked at his worshiper again she wasn’t sleeping anymore and was looking back. He purred with satisfaction and allowed the sound to vibrate through his entire body. She liked that because she pressed herself tighter against him and that in turn worked miracles on his lower regions.

“Ready for round two?” he asked and received deep sigh in respond. He decided to take it as affirmation.

The Sexy Side of Wraith contest entry.
Also a sequel to "Abused".

Warnings and disclaimers: inside.
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WraithWorshipper Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I keep thinking about this story. I like it so much because Billy is true to his episode personality (outwardly calm, evenly-spoken) and Eliana is an older woman (more rare in fanfics) who has been through tough times but refuses to see herself as a victim when a better opportunity presents itself to her through Billy's intervention. She sees clearly how considerate Billy is and takes and enjoys what she has been given to the fullest extent. I also like the idea of Liliana being courted by Wraith when she gets older, with her mother and Billy there to make sure she gets a good Wraith too.
CzarnaArcher Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't even imagine Billy in any other way than he is in the show. And I know what you mean, most worshipers in fanfics are teenagers or adolescents, I only saw one fic about elderly woman and Greg.
Eliana is a survival type, she suffered a lot because she had no other choice and at first she was scared but then she saw what Billy did with her husband and suddenly she realised that the monster she lived for so long is gone, this gives her more courage, in essence it returns her old courage and strenght to her (the one she used to have as a young girl).
I think that while not exactly prudish and being allowed to keep many mates, Wrait are rather strict about certain social customs and values. I would guess that they have strict rules about when a young woman or man can be claimed as worshiper and how old the claiming Wraith has to be. As large predators that "hunt" in packs (and Wraith do that) I imagine that they are quite protective of their young, and that they saw no reason not to apply that to all young that is under their rule - young/future worshipers included (as part of the Hive).
WraithWorshipper Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is a post I thought you might enjoy. It is written by an author who writes historical fiction novels: [link]
CzarnaArcher Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You were right. I enjoyed. Especially about life not ending at 25. And that's all true - warrior maidens, young wizards and teen heros are fun, but at our age more fun is to see how they manage after that, them getting more mature and facing bigger, heavier and moe deadly problems. We can show how they deal with their own children - let's imagine a kind who was a teen hero dealing with his own teenage son who wants to be teen hero and how they talk with each other. "But dad! You did the same!" "But that was different times, harsher, nowdays you don;t have to do this things, you can do something else." "But dad! I want to be a hero too." "You can be a hero all you want. After you finish your education! Now go to your room!" - We all know that we did some things we would hate our own children to do, the kind was a teen hero, but would he accept his own son trying to slay dragon? Or rescue young virgin princess? Fine, rescuing is noble, but the king (who been there and done that) would rather not leave his son and said virgin princess alone after the rescue ;)
What I mean is that our point of view changes and what we liked as kids is boring for adults. Especially that even een books are much more naive than adult ones. We know more, see more and understand more.
WraithWorshipper Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This author is offering a free download of one of her short story collection this Thur and Fri: [link] The first story reminded me a little of this story because the man and the woman are both honorable adults and find themselves stuck together. I already bought it last week, lol, but it was only $3.99 and I like it so far. The settings are all different, all over the historical world and through many cultures.
CzarnaArcher Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I'll see if I won't miss it. But if you recommend it, I will try to read it. For now I'm still fighting with Science of Discworld, the Darwin's Watch. I already read two previous parts and almost entire Discworld series.
WraithWorshipper Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A common literary device in youth stories is parents or authority figures being killed off, preventing such parental interference you described. The excuse is the hero must go on alone to be a real hero. But, why? Can't heroes have families too? One thing I like about Terry Brooks books is the family unit is largely preserved and one sees generation after generation of heroes.

To write more adult things, I think you have to have lived through some bitter times and spent time out in the real world. School is not the real world. At all. Similarly, I don't think I could write about someone age 60+ yet, because I lack the experience.
CzarnaArcher Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Exactely. I sometimes think how it would look like when a father - old, experienced hero, takes his children and starts to tell them how to be effective hero "If the king is dead, bet on the Grand Vesir to be the one who did it." or something like that.
Or old hero/Warrior Lady takes their children to a family trip that changes into a quest. Or a member of some Fellowship takes his/hers kid to learn the trade.

I guess that our writing developes along with us. Maybe knowing some old folk can help to write about elderly people?
WraithWorshipper Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In light of this conversation, I'm writing another fanfic right now and will make two of the guest characters older, around late 80ish or so, one who made good choices and one bad choices. Very bad choices. It will fit the plot nicely, too. :)
CzarnaArcher Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He he. I met few older people, most of them were jerks though XD
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