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In my deviations I used or may use in the future following fonts (all of them I aqquired by CDs or internet pages).
- Abaddon by Ragnarok POB 140333 Austin TX 78714 (from internet),
- Angel by JuliaL (from internet),
- Anquietas by Joseph Spicer (from internet),
- AVP, Blade 2, Hannibal Lecter, Sleepy Hollow, by Jens R. Ziehn (from internet and CD),
- EanBwrP72Tt by Bear Rock Technologies Corp (from CD).,
- FightThis by Apostrofe (from internet,,
- Helldorado by Levi (from internet),
- InvisibleKiller by Paul Rein (from CD),
- Neverwinter by Neale Davidson (from CD),
- Predator by Jim Sorenson (from internet),
- Tfu Tfu by Meir Sadan (from internet,,
- LetterOMatic by Nate Piekos (from internet,,
- Gringo Nights by Jakob Fisher (from internet,,
- Stargate by Isis Font Foundry (from CD).
- Friday 13 by Thomas W. Otto, Norfok Inc. (for atavistic growls, from internet)

Fonts found on
- Various fonts by
- Various fonts by
- Various fonts from Apostrophic Laboratories
- Various from Komika

Various fonts from:

Transformers font by P. A. Vannucci

Autobot and Decepticon fonts downloaded from Transformers Wiki.

I also use brushes, textures and other resources delivered by redaction of Practical Photoshop.

I wish to thank to all the authors: you made my work much esier and pleasant.


Terry Pratchett 1948 - 2015.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 12, 2015, 8:44 AM

Sir Terrence David John Pratchett died. I don't think I need to say more.

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Czarna Archer
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Type of deviant: Mad Scientist.

Late XX century. I'm old enough to remember what happened 25 years ago.

How do I look:
If you must know, I dress black (and sometimes camouflage or dark colour accessories), wear combat boots, but lately gave a chance other types of boots (and still think combat boots are the best). I am very pale, blonde, green eyes, short (1,57 meter or 5'1 feet), hour shape figure, and rather classic face features.

My personality:
I have an obsessive personality, in positive way of course. I tend to be expert about anything I'm obsessed with. If it's interesting enough it becomes my hobby, if not, I get bored and find myself new thing to be obsessed with.

Also, I am dyslexic, a bit hyperactive at times (don't feed me sugar or I'll start to bouncing the walls an ceiling).

Preferred tools of trade:

For traditional work:
- pencils;
- ink pens;
- rapidograph;
- colour pencils;
- oil pastels;
- crayons;
-good old paper.

For digital work:
- Wacom tablet (currently Bamboo);
- GIMP or Photoshop (depending what I currently have at my disposal);
- various other programs (like Photofiltre, My Paint, Paint Net, Deep Paint);
- my computer(s).

Current Residence: Warsaw, Poland.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Print preference: Large
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Reggae, Blues, Jazz (sometimes).
Favourite photographer: Police photographer
Favourite style of art: Don't have. I love'em all.
Operating System: I have masochistic leaning - try guess.
MP3 player of choice: creative zen nad my phone.
Wallpaper of choice: Antythin unearthly.
Favourite cartoon character: Diego, the Sabretooth Tiger from Ice Age lol
Personal Quote: Carpe noctem et memento vitae.



Run my baby run my baby run

Run from the noise of the street and the loaded gun

Too late for solutions to solve in the setting sun

So run my baby run my baby run”– Garbage “Run”.

Warnings: Violence, explicit language, maybe some sex (but I’m not sure) – you know, the usual.

Timing: Post season 2 finale, in my very own Beauty of the Beast Prime timeline.

Rating: T to M (and possibly even MA).

Pairings: multiple.

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime © Hasbro. Story’s plot and OC’s © me. There may be some OC’s that aren’t mine – they belong to their respective creators.

A little less conversation.

A little less conversation, a little more action please

All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me

A little more bite and a little less bark

A little less fight and a little more spark

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me

Satisfy me baby” Elvis Presley vs. JXL 1) „A little less conversation.”


Nemesis. Outside of Earth's atmosphere. Somewhere between Earth and Moon...

Megatron sped to the landing deck quickly followed by Starscream, who was trying to keep up with his Master. Starscream was one of the fastest Cybertronians when it came to atmospherically flight and was one of the best in space flight, but when it came to running Megatron could best him easily. It was partly because of the Seeker's high heels, but mostly because Megatron was taller and as such had longer legs and longer steps as a result.

The Decepticon leader didn't look back when he reached the landing strip, Starscream would catch up soon. He jumped and transformed into his jet mode. Few seconds later Starscream was next to him in his own alt mode.

They took a sharp turn in the direction opposite to Earth.


Airachnid emerged from the Groundbridge in the middle of empty space. At first there was no landmarks, no points of reference for her, all she saw was space. There was no air there, her alt mode was useless, rotors needed atmosphere to be on any use. She blinked once, she needed to be calm. She used the proper coordinates so she should be exactly where she wanted to unless there was some sort of malfunction, which was unlikely. The trick was that she could not tell in which direction the Groundbridge would spit her out since there was no ground here to begin with, so she needed to look around assert her position.

The femme looked to her right and left and saw nothing, then she looked up and down and noticed Earth being slightly 'above' her. This confirmed that she was more or less in the right place. She looked over her shoulder and smile. There it was. Waiting for her.


Megatron did not pay much attention to Starscream; he knew that when it came to flying the Seeker was more than able to handle himself. The Warlord was focusing on the object directly before them.


Airachnid reached with one of her servos and released a string of web. The momentum of the cyber-silk string was enough for it to make it to its mark. It would not harden as fast as it would in atmosphere, but she didn't need it to be even half as strong as usually, in space there was no resistance, all she needed was a gentle pull to make her move.

She reached her goal without any problems. She magnetised her pedes and strolled the construction to the nearest panel with the access terminal. These terminals were used during construction and left there to serve maintenance purposes. And now one of them would serve her purposes.


Megatron saw the Spacebridge come to life. The brilliant light danced inside of the circular construction in whirlpool of blue, green and traces of violet. The Warmonger knew he was out of time, the traitor was about to escape. He was determined to catch her even if it meant following her into whatever location she chose. He pushed his engines to the maximum of their capabilities. It didn't matter where he would end up as long as he caught the eight legged betrayer, he knew that Soundwave would get him back in no time.

He was almost there, he saw the slight flash of white marking someone entering the event horizon, it had to be Airachnid.

He was mere seconds from reaching the wormhole when the Spacebridge deactivated, he flew through the centre of the inactive construction, he transformed into his bipedal form while coming to halt and uttering mighty roar of anger – yet again she slipped from his grip. In vacuum of space his roar could not been heard in traditional sense of the word, but the short range radio transmission of the roar reached nearby Starscream and gave him migraine.

Perhaps a minute later they were approached by Soundwave who monitored the whole incident. The Silent Spy landed on the Spacebridge and plugged into one of the terminals. It took him few seconds before he disconnected.

“What happened, Soundwave?' Megatron asked 2). “Why haven't you opened the Spacebridge to the last coordinates?”

Soundwave simply displayed something on his visor; the image was worth thousands of words.

Starscream approached and looked at the display without any visible emotion.

“Is there nothing you can do about it?” Megatron questioned his TIC. “How she even managed to do that?”

In response Soundwave displayed the menu of the Spacebridge, opened settings box and pulled out security tab. He highlighted one option: 'always use private mode of dialling.' It was as clear answer as possible.

“You included such an option into the Spacebridge? 3)” Starscream asked in disbelief. “And whose brilliant idea was to put an internet browser option into Spacebridge operating system?”

Soundwave looked briefly at Megatron, but it seemed that he did not found any inspiration in his leader so he returned his attention to Starscream and displayed photo of Airachnid.

“Why I am not surprised?” Starscream pinched the protrusion of helm between his optics.

“She probably planned it to serve her as an emergency escape route.” Megatron growled. He was mad but mostly at himself for not foreseeing such an outcome when Breakdown brought the Spider Femme back to Nemesis 4).

“I always knew she could not be trusted.” Starscream pointed out.

“Silence!” Megatron barked at his SIC, he didn't need the Seeker to rub it in. “Soundwave, can you retrieve the coordinates?” He turned to his trusted Communication Officer.

Soundwave shook his helm 'no'.

“It is not simply 'delete all history after the Spacebridge closes' option.” Starscream decided to elaborate his esteemed colleague's answer. “In 'private mode' the Spacebridge does not save any data in the first place so there is nothing to retrieve.”

“Then we go back. There's nothing here for us.” Megatron decided and transformed with the two other Decepticons following immediately.



The news of their failure reached the ship faster than them. Activation of the Spacebridge could have been clearly seen. Whoever didn't saw it was told about it. The bridge was filled with the officers and two triple changers. Everyone wanted to know what happened.

With the arrival of the D.J.D. Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave the place became crowded. None of the new arrivals looked pleased, except for Soundwave who looked about the same as always and his mood could not be determined.

“Lord Megatron. We have the surviving Insecticon locked in the brig.” Barricade reported. “He is awaiting interrogation.”

“Good. But I do not believe Airachnid told him much.” Megatron shook his helm. “Has the influence worn off?”

“Yes.” Knockout confirmed. He wouldn't bother with this situation and left the entire mess for Decepticon Justice Division to deal with, but he was wanted for his medical expertise and to give the Vehicon from control room a check-up.

“Do we know where she went?” Motormaster asked. At the moment there was nothing more that he wished than to catch the Undergrounder glitch.

“No. She left no records of the coordinates she chose.” Starscream said with a grimace.

“So it looks like she made it yet another time.” Barricade grumbled with distaste. “How can one femme has so much luck?”

“It has nothing to do with luck. It is combination of planning, cheating and backstabbing.” Starscream bared his dentas in anger.

“We were this close.” Tesarus sighed. “If not for that stupid Insecticon engaging Tarn and hogging the corridor.”

“Forget the Insecticon, what just happened?” Astrotrain asked, not being an officer meant that he was not included into the planning.

“We have set up a trap for Airachnid.” Kaon was kind enough to explain. “Tracking her down would take too long so we decided to lure her to Nemesis.”

“Curious. How did you manage to persuade her to come?” Blitzwing's Icy persona asked while rubbing his chin in thought.

“It was Shockwave's idea actually...“ Kaon shrugged.


New Kaon construction site, November 1st.

Shockwave watched Arcee disappearing in the Groundbrodge and concluded that if not for the need of discussing the case with the D.J.D. he'd rather have them retreating and Arcee staying with him. He considered it to be only logical that he'd prefer the company of an attractive femme over that of five known sadists.

“As we established, Airachnid wishes to leave this planet.” Tarn spoke when the Groundbridge closed. “Her desire to depart is strong enough that she even attempted to take over Nemesis upon Megatron's absence.”

“Indeed, extremely illogical behaviour considering that Soundwave was not only on board but on the bridge when she attempted that feat.” Shockwave offered his opinion. “Moreover, she was well aware of his presence.”

“This proves how strongly she wishes to leave this planet.” Kaon nodded. “Or she's an idiot.”

“Either way, this gives us something to work with. Possibilities.” Tarn was smiling underneath his mask and it could've been heard in his voice.

“Ideally we should lure her out in the open where we could snatch her.” Helex agreed with his leader. “Make her come to us.”

“Setting up bait would be preferred.” Shockwave pointed out. “One she would not resist.”


Nemesis. Present.

“And it worked.” Helex crossed both sets of his arms. “She did come.”

“And you still failed to catch her.” Starscream sneered.

“At least we weren't trapped by her webs, nor mauled by her Insecticon.” Tesarus grinned. “You know, like some Seekers of Vos that we know.”

Starscream was about to reply something that he would likely regret later, but Barricade saved the day with his curiosity. “So, how did you make sure that she would come to Nemesis and not start to search for Peaceful Tyranny?”

“It was easy. When we arrived Soundwave directed us to this planet's moon to hide our ship there and that made it impossible for Airachnid to simply go for a ship search.” Kaon nodded to the Silent Spy. “All we had to do was to make sure that Airachnid would know where to look for Nemesis.”

“All right, but how did you know that she won't just get back to Earth after finding that she can't open the Spacebridge on Nemesis?” Barricades inner cop needed to know more.

“We took precautions...“ Helex gave the former law enforcer one raised opticbrow; he did not expect being interrogated.


Nemesis location, somewhere above Caribbean Sea. Night time.

Airachnid could spot Nemesis from pretty far distance. The Decepticon flagship was easy to see for someone who knew what to look for: its position lights giving it away. The landing deck was well lit for all flyers to safely touch down. The dark shape floating in the night seemed ominous, a massive leviathan floating slowly in its aimless journey, but Airachnid knew the ship well and she was not intimidated. After all Nemesis was a ship, magnificent but just a vessel. If there was anything to be concerned about it was the crew... Though rather not the crew itself, but its certain members. The She-Spider knew that she could avoid them and she had two Insecticons to command in case of emergency. She had her goal and was determined to reach it at all costs. Arcee and Jack be damned, she wanted off this accursed planet.

The trio approached the landing deck and gently touched down. The door was closed, but not locked, they entered without being disturbed. The upper hangar was empty, but that wasn't a surprise, it was only used during missions or operations.


Lieutenant Raoul and Soundwave observed the upper hangar through the surveillance cameras from the bridge. The image was clear and showed three easily recognisable figures entering the hangar through the doors leading to the landing deck.

“Helmsman, set the course to leave the atmosphere.” Lt. Raoul turned to one of his fellow Vehicons. “Be sure to assume low degree, we do not wish them to realise what is going on.”

“Aye aye, sir.” The helmsman immediately changed the course of Nemesis.

Soundwave nodded to Raoul in acknowledgement of his exemplary performance, turned away and left the bridge. He was needed elsewhere.


Remembering that the Nemesis functioned according to Greenwich Universal Time, Airachnid quickly figured that it was still night shift, meaning that the corridors would be mostly empty. She and her two Insecticons quickly navigated their way through insides of the ship.

Neither of them noticed slight shift as the ship changed its course.



“Airachnid's alt mode is a helicopter, she does not have jet engine.” Kaon pointed out. “Both Airachnid and Insecticons are only capable of atmospheric flight. Once out in the open space, she could not return to Earth nor just fly around.”

“Unfortunately we failed to predict that she would use the Groundbridge to travel to the Spacebridge.” Tarn did not take failure lightly but he never allowed them to deject him. “We assumed that the moment we would be out of range to reach Earth, she would be well and truly trapped.”

“Speaking of which. How did you reach Nemesis if you were on Earth blowing mines up?” Astrotrain asked with pure curiosity. “Neither of you are flyers and three of you are heavy weight ground pounders with aerodynamic properties of a steel ingot. Only Kaon and Vos are lightweights and even they can't fly. How did you get to Nemesis?”

“Habuimus auxilium. 5)” Vos shrugged as if it was the most obvious thing in the Universe.


Earth. Africa. Equatorial Rain Forest.

The Decepticon Justice Division watched with pleasure as the mouth of the second mine they attended to closed. There was no delay this time. The Vehicons simply rigged the entrance with explosives and then detonated the charges. It was an easy job but entertaining, he could never have enough explosions.

He was waiting for the dust to settle down to asset how the entrance looked like now when his came to life. He wasted no time in answering it, it had to be important, no one would call him otherwise.

“Tarn here.”

::Sir, Airachnid is on board. I have informed Lord Megatron, he is on his way already.:: It was Raoul, the newest addition to the Decepticon officer body.

“Splendid.” Tarn glanced at his team. “We will arrive presently.” He ended the connection and focused on Kaon. “Kaon, call the Autobots. “



“Wait!” Blitzwing almost jumped when his Hothead persona took over. “Since when are you on speaking terms with ze Autobot scum?”

“Since when Shockwave and Tarn devised the plan.” Tesarus shrugged. Normally he didn't take questioning the D.J.D.'s decisions or tactics but he knew that the triple changer didn't mean any offence. That and he considered Autobots to be scum himself. “Shockwave is dating that hot two wheeler Autobot. The babe and Airachnid are on war path and Autobots consider her to be a threat to their fleshy allies.”


New Kaon's construction site. November 1st.

“... This way the traitor won't be able to escape us once she's on board of Nemesis.” Tarn summarised his brilliant plan.

“Indeed. She will be trapped.” Shockwave agreed, then his antennae moved slightly up. “But tell me. How do you plan to get to Nemesis if you're on the planet surface and out of Nemesis' Groundbridge range?”

“Scrap.” Tesarus spat and his grinder moved slightly in his irritation.

“I didn't consider this.” Tarn's optics narrowed. “We would require transportation. Perhaps Astrotrain would be of use here?”

“It would take too much time.” Helex shook his helm. “He's got the power to reach escape velocity, but he won't be able to outrun Nemesis. His engines just can't match those of a battle cruiser.”

“True.” The D.J.D.'s leader deflated slightly. He solved one problem but created another.

“Maybe we could just stay on Nemesis?” Kaon proposed. “We can send the pyrotechnics alone.”

“And what if Airachnid will find them and see that they're alone, she will know it's a trap.” Helex quickly cut the idea down.

“We would need a Groundbridge with higher range.” Tarn tapped his mask in thought.

“Stationary, planet mounted Groundbridges tend to have higher range and stronger signals due to them being attuned to the planet's electromagnetic fields.” Shockwave pointed out.

“Eh, if only we had such a Groundbridge.” Tarn completely ignored stared his team mates started to give him; he was too focused on his own thoughts.

“But Tarn, we do have such a 'bridge!” Kaon exclaimed with happy grin.

“Harbinger's Groundbridge had been dismantled by the Autobots.” Tarn waved his servo dismissively.

“Yes. And they used it to build their own.” Kaon ignored his leader's gesture. “Autobots have fully operation Groundbridge that has planet wide range. It should easily reach almost to the Spacebridge!”

“But they would have to allow us into their base.” Tarn rubbed his helm tiredly. Kaon's enthusiasm was lost on him. “Can you imagine Autobots willingly allowing the D.J.D. into their own base? Organic foliage will grow on my palm before that will happen.”

“Not necessarily.” Shockwave's antennae and winglets were high and in sharp angles. If the D.J.D. didn't know better they would think he was excited. “Nemesis has fully operational Groundbridge, the remote control will be deactivated but coils will be functional. Autobots can connect their Groundbridge with ours, using theirs as a relay station instead of a receiver. The wormhole will pass through their Groundbridge and will be sent to our coils instead of theirs.” 6)

“How can you be sure that it will work?” Tesarus asked. He didn't feel all that confident about security of such a makeshift patchwork.

“Soundwave does that with Spacebridge when he opened it remotely on Nemesis.” Shockwave focused on the still unsure mech. “He uses the Spacebridge itself as rely and opens the wormhole directly on Nemesis with use of its coils.” 6)

“Autobot Groundbridge's longer range solved our problem.” Tarn nodded. “Shockwave, call your lovely companion.”


Nemesis. Present.

“Now, that all questions have been answered and all doubts dispelled.” Megatron spoke. “How do you plan to proceed?” He turned to the Decepticon Justice Division.

“We do not know where the traitor went, which leaves us at great disadvantage, but she will surface somewhere like all of them do. Most planets more or less enthusiastically allow Cybertronians but only some of them possess resources required for our sustenance and other basic needs. This is where we look for our other targets and this is where we will look for her as well.” Tarn bowed slightly to his Leader. “But before we will leave we will finish searching and collapsing old mines just in case Airachnid left something behind.”

“Do that.” Megatron agreed. “And enjoy your small hunt break while you're here. Dismissed”

The bridge quickly emptied, it was busy morning and most 'Cons were yet to begin their shifts. While everybody was busy leaving and minding their own business no one noticed Starscream's gloomy face – presence of the dreaded D.J.D. wasn't making him feel comfortable for obvious reasons.


1) It's the version you could hear in Ocean's Eleven, I used it because I reveal parts of the plan that I deliberately omitted earlier, a little bit like in the film.

2) In space they still use the short range radio transmissions (but I write it as if they would speak normally for the convenience sake), because you can't talk in places where there is no air of any kind to carry the sound waves. Basically the space itself while filled with various kinds of radiation (including radio waves) is completely and utterly silent, soundless, quiet. Yes, this means that all the cool engine sounds from Star Wars could not be heard in reality and all the space battles would have to happen without the neat sounds of explosions and laser fire. If you would like to know how it would be like, just watch some space opera battle scene with your TV set on mute.

3) It is the Spacebridge that Decepticon built while Starscream was rouge, in “Orion Pax p.II” he express his surprise upon learning that the Decepticon managed to finish it without him. At first I planned to go for 'clear history when Spacebridge closes' but it would not work well for my needs, so instead I chose 'always use private mode of dialling' (in original it is private mode of browsing) which was just what I needed.

4) Transformers: Prime, season 1, episode 18 “Metal Attraction”, it is the episode with Polarity Gauntlet and Arcee being stuck on Bulkhead's back, and later on Airachnid being stuck on Breakdown's back. I wonder how did they separate these two?

5) “We had help.”

6) Actually in the show Soundwave opened the Spacebridge remotely on top of Megatron's tower when Shockwave came to Earth for the first time, and later when Shockwave summoned Predaking. But the principle stands.

Run, chapter 11
All warnings and disclaimers inside.
Are you familiar with following sci-fi TV shows?
10 deviants said Neither.
3 deviants said Both.
2 deviants said Space: Above and Beyond.…
No deviants said Earth 2.…
Wolf by CzarnaArcher
An old sketch of a wolf, made on my knee some years ago. Simple, not detailed, HB pencil.


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