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In my deviations I used or may use in the future following fonts (all of them I aqquired by CDs or internet pages).
- Abaddon by Ragnarok POB 140333 Austin TX 78714 (from internet),
- Angel by JuliaL (from internet),
- Anquietas by Joseph Spicer (from internet),
- AVP, Blade 2, Hannibal Lecter, Sleepy Hollow, by Jens R. Ziehn (from internet and CD),
- EanBwrP72Tt by Bear Rock Technologies Corp (from CD).,
- FightThis by Apostrofe (from internet,,
- Helldorado by Levi (from internet),
- InvisibleKiller by Paul Rein (from CD),
- Neverwinter by Neale Davidson (from CD),
- Predator by Jim Sorenson (from internet),
- Tfu Tfu by Meir Sadan (from internet,,
- LetterOMatic by Nate Piekos (from internet,,
- Gringo Nights by Jakob Fisher (from internet,,
- Stargate by Isis Font Foundry (from CD).
- Friday 13 by Thomas W. Otto, Norfok Inc. (for atavistic growls, from internet)

Fonts found on
- Various fonts by
- Various fonts by
- Various fonts from Apostrophic Laboratories
- Various from Komika

Various fonts from:

Transformers font by P. A. Vannucci

Autobot and Decepticon fonts downloaded from Transformers Wiki.

I also use brushes, textures and other resources delivered by redaction of Practical Photoshop.

I wish to thank to all the authors: you made my work much esier and pleasant.


Music tag

Tue Feb 17, 2015, 3:14 AM

I have been tagged by :iconsiseja-sama: and I have never seen this one before, so I'm doing it!
OK. here goes nothing.

1. Write down every letter in your name.
2. Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3. Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

M - Mała Aleja Róż, Dżem (Little Rose Avenue, Dżem - pronounce Jam);
A - Another Toe in the Ocean, PIXIES;
R - Rain from Heaven, The Sisterhood;
T - This Corrosion, Sisters of Mercy;
Y - You Gotta Fight for Your Right To Party, the Beastie Boys;
N - Nothing, A;
A - Another Brick in the Wall (part 3), Pink Floyd.

But I won't be tagging anyone, if someone wants to do it, they can tag themselves. But I will say something about my songs of choice.

Mała Aleja Róż - it's a song about not being happy and nostalgia about the past. I feel deeply connected to this song for I miss the times I had when I was but an adolescent, back in school when all seemed much easier (even though back then it seemed much more grim), especially the last verse of this song:
Mam, mam już tego dość - I've had had enough of it all
Muszę w końcu wrócić tam, gdzie wszyscy byli - I need to finally return to where everybody were
Zawsze kochali, czasem grzeszyli - Always loved, sometimes sinned
Po prostu żyli tak z dnia na dzień - Just lived day by day
Tylko czy oni tam jeszcze wszyscy są - Only, are they all still there
Czy jeszcze jest aleja pełna róż - Is there an avenue full of roses
Tylko czy oni tam jeszcze wszyscy są - Are they all still there
Czy jeszcze jest aleja róż - Is there Rose Avenue still there

Another Toe in the Ocean
- "No more waiting for a new day, you gotta swim sometimes" - because you can't spend your life in the past and got to move forward. This song is a remedy for the previous one.

Rain From Heaven - "we forgive as we forget", because time heals.

This Corrosion - "I got nothing to say I ain't said before, I bled all I can, I won't bleed no more" no apologies, this song may seem to not have much sense, but in reality it can be read in many ways (it was a "revenge" song) plus the music side is epic. And it's well sung.

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party - need I explain this to anyone?

Nothing - "Gimme some love, Gimme some skin, If we ain't got that then we ain't got much, And we ain't got nothing, nothing" - because you get what you give, and if you don't have anything to give you won't get nothing.

Another Brick in the Wall - "I don't need no arms around me, And I dont need no drugs to calm me. I have seen the writing on the wall. Don't think I need anything at all." - to me (unlike as in the Wall where it is about a broken heart) this is more about the society trying to restrain, impose its will on people who think independently.

Well, that was it, so Cheers!

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CzarnaArcher's Profile Picture
Czarna Archer
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Type of deviant: Mad Scientist.

Late XX century. I'm old enough to remember what happened 25 years ago.

How do I look:
If you must know, I dress black (and sometimes camouflage or dark colour accessories), wear combat boots, but lately gave a chance other types of boots (and still think combat boots are the best). I am very pale, blonde, green eyes, short (1,57 meter or 5'1 feet), hour shape figure, and rather classic face features.

My personality:
I have an obsessive personality, in positive way of course. I tend to be expert about anything I'm obsessed with. If it's interesting enough it becomes my hobby, if not, I get bored and find myself new thing to be obsessed with.

Also, I am dyslexic, a bit hyperactive at times (don't feed me sugar or I'll start to bouncing the walls an ceiling).

Preferred tools of trade:

For traditional work:
- pencils;
- ink pens;
- rapidograph;
- colour pencils;
- oil pastels;
- crayons;
-good old paper.

For digital work:
- Wacom tablet (currently Bamboo);
- GIMP or Photoshop (depending what I currently have at my disposal);
- various other programs (like Photofiltre, My Paint, Paint Net, Deep Paint);
- my computer(s).

Current Residence: Warsaw, Poland.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Print preference: Large
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Reggae, Blues, Jazz (sometimes).
Favourite photographer: Police photographer
Favourite style of art: Don't have. I love'em all.
Operating System: I have masochistic leaning - try guess.
MP3 player of choice: creative zen nad my phone.
Wallpaper of choice: Antythin unearthly.
Favourite cartoon character: Diego, the Sabretooth Tiger from Ice Age lol
Personal Quote: Carpe noctem et memento vitae.



Run my baby run my baby run

Run from the noise of the street and the loaded gun

Too late for solutions to solve in the setting sun

So run my baby run my baby run”– Garbage “Run”.

Warnings: Violence, explicit language, maybe some sex (but I’m not sure) – you know, the usual.

Timing: Post season 2 finale, in my very own Beauty of the Beast Prime timeline.

Rating: T to M (and possibly even MA).

Pairings: multiple.

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime © Hasbro. Story’s plot and OC’s © me. There may be some OC’s that aren’t mine – they belong to their respective creators.

Policy of Truth.

You had something to hide

Should have hidden it, shouldn't you

Now you're not satisfied

With what you're being put through

It's just time to pay the price

For not listening to advice

And deciding in your youth

On the policy of truth.

Things could be so different now

It used to be so civilised

You will always wonder how

It could have been if you'd only lied

It's too late to change events

It's time to face the consequence

For delivering the proof

In the policy of truth. (...)Depeche Mode „Policy of Truth”


An old energon mine. African equator rain forest.

The air was humid, thick and unmoving. The rain forest was green, the colour was intense beyond simple colour, this intensity filled the very air. Everything buzzed with life; it seemed to contain more organic matter that anyone could imagine. Everything seemed to feed on everything else. The place had more insects that biologically possible. Various sounds, from buzzing to bird songs filed the space. Though all that animal life seemed to be concentrated near the ground or high in the thick, green canopy of tree tops.

The animals generally ignored small group of trespassers but some of them silenced when they walked near only to resume their noise making as soon as they left their immediate vicinity. Finally after short stroll they reached their destination, it looked nothing like in the description they received but they have been warned that rainforests grew fast and that in short period of time the place would be overgrown with vegetation.

Tarn looked at the old energon mine, it used to have visible entry and was cleaned of all trees, but now it looked like the jungle started to re-claim it the moment last Decepticon left the place. The group of eight Decepticons moves slowly to the entrance hidden behind few young trees and a lot of bush that would soon die out smothered by the growing trees blocking their light.

Tarn took his entire team and three pyrotechnics to the old mining site. They cautiously entered the mine and gave it brief and quick inspection. It was clear that no one was there since it was depleted.

“Honestly, I never thought that any planet can be so... organic.” Helex looked around after they emerged.

“Too organic for my liking.” Tesarus winced. “And it's all green, too much green, it's boring.”

“It's not here for your amusement.” Tarn interjected. “As soon we're done here, we'll leave for another site. Not very far from here.”

“How long will it take?” Tesarus started to look around. “And will it look like this one?”

“It will look pretty much like this one, and it'll take as long as our pyrotechnics will need to rig the place.” Tarn explained.

“You think our boys already aired the first news feed?” Tesarus cocked his head. He was curious; also it was far more interesting than just standing there and observing everything green.

Kaon only smiled. He was without his precious turbofox, leaving The Pet back on Nemesis under Soundwave's care in fear that the small Sparkeater would get lost in the forest. “Yes, they should be transmitting it as we speak.” He said with satisfaction.



Airachnid chewed on a small piece of energon deep in thought while she sat at her lair entrance enjoying fresh air cooling her plates. Her two remaining minions preferred staying underground and she couldn't blame them, they were Undergrounders after all, just like her. Only she also liked large spaces and remembered that Cybertron's Underground was not just few caverns, but entire labyrinth of passages and halls.

She swallowed her last piece of energon and rose to her pedes to return into the darkness of her hiding place when she detected a transmission. It appeared to be a Decepticon Radio broadcast, but the frequency was different. Airachnid easily tuned on it and instantly realised that this was not yet another technical section bulletin like the last one. She identified the waveband as the military section.

:: … I repeat: Today at 10 00 GMT Decepticon Justice Division with assistance of pyrotechnic team will commence operation of searching and closing all depleted and abandoned mining sites and their immediate vicinities. All personnel without proper security clearance are ordered to remain in safe distance from the mining sites for safety reasons. All requests at entering the mining site must be issued to Tarn of the Decepticon Justice Division.::

Airachnid swore under hear vent. This could have been trap set to lure her out of her hiding place, but she doubted that the D.J.D. would just stand idly and wait for her move. She was sure they would really search and probably rig with explosives if not collapse the mines they would search, and she knew they would search the mines – it was the only logical track that they could follow to find her. She needed to move, she didn't knew where they began the search and this planet had few old energon mines. Chances were that she had plenty of time, but just as well they could arrive any moment now.

She summoned her minions through their link and they launched without as much as a single word. The two Insecticons already knew their orders and will of their Queen. They needed to be moving, none of the D.J.D. members was a flyer and if confronted with a Vehicon patrol they could fight. She knew that if they met Starscream or Soundwave, they would be in trouble. While Starscream wasn't match for any of them on land, he was more than a challenge in the air. Soundwave was equally dangerous on land and in the air but she hoped that having two Insecticons at her disposal she could match the Spymaster and his flying minion. She didn't want to think what would happen if they met Megatron but chances for that were slim.

The best way to avoid any kind of trouble, and that included bumping into any human aircraft; she set her sensors on maximum while still listening on to any Decepticon radio transmissions. Sensors would allow her to detect any approaching object while listening to the Decepticon Radio could proof useful as a forewarning to any Decepticon activity, it was often filled with Vehicon chatter and while mostly void of any significance, it could serve her purposes at times.


They were in the air for quarter of ah hour now and all was quiet. There was few gossiping Vehicons on the radio; they detected two human aircrafts in a safe distance and luckily no sign of a single Decepticon on the perimeter. Airachnid knew that they couldn't stay in the air forever, they were not starving but their tanks would run dry at some pint. They needed to land somewhere safe so she could make some plans in peace and quiet.

She was running the list of mines in her memory; the perfect spot would be as far from nearest energon mine as possible. For now the energon was not a problem, they could search for some later, at the moment they needed a place to hide.

It was then when she has detected another transmission, this time again of the technical section. Taking the previous transmission it was no surprise. She tuned on it, it wouldn't hurt anyway.

:: Due to the previously announced works on the transmission arrays, all personnel is reminded that remote access to the Groundbridge and Spacebridge has been suspended until further notice. All requests for the Groundbridge must be submitted to the operator on duty. At the same time we inform that the Spacebridge will remain out of Nemesis reach and can only be operated manually. The duty operator's hailing frequency is... ::

Airachnid smiled internally. The message in itself didn't bring her any new knowledge, she already knew about it all and she had no need for hailing frequency of the Groundbridge operator. But apparently along with losing their transmission array and switching to use the humans satellite grid, they have lost their signal protection because she was able to locate Nemesis. And it wasn't very far away. This was her chance. And she already knew how to use it.


Run, chapter 7
I made it in just one week! Yay!

All disclaimers and warnings inside.


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